We understand our clients and their requirements the best, so we built a business around it.


We are a one-stop solution provider with expertise in the field of -

  • Investment Distribution
  • Real Estate Advisory
  • Family Office
  • Investment Banking
  • Forex & Travel
  • Loan facilitation
  • Tax & Legal Advisory
  • Succession Planning
  • Outsourcing
  • Education Counselling

The world of finance has become very complicated with many choices in each asset class. Many clients therefore get confused with the financial jargons. We, at Excelorr, make every effort to keep things simple so that our clients can understand their finances better.

The foundation of Excelorr is guided by a single-minded client centric approach. Its practice model is built around the very needs of a client. Our unique selling point is that we manage the total financial affairs of its clients.

In other words, Excelorr is the Chief Financial Officer or “CFO” for its Client.

We understand that comprehensive financial management is incomplete without consistent service. We go out of our way to provide timely and quality service to our clients. Rather than we claiming, we would invite you to experience our service standards and we are confident that you would find us amongst the best in the industry.